Written and performed by Norah Paton. 

Undercurrents Festival 2017 | Arts Court Theatre

Dramaturgy by Brad Long and Emily Pearlman. Sound design by AL Connors. Lighting design by Sarah Mansikka. Set design by Dominique Coughlin. Stage Managed by Michaela Steven.

"...fascinating, clever, and immersive."

"exceptional character work"

- Apt613

Photo credit Japhet Alvarez

Stephen and Me

Oct 15 - 17, 2015 | Written and performed by Norah Paton

Fresh Meat Fest 2015 | Arts Court Studio 

"A delightfully well-researched and timely piece of political satire... The love-crazed persona that Paton embodies also helps to humanize Harper's die-hard fanbase, a community that seem rather inaccessible especially to the sort of people who go to independent theatre festivals." - New Ottawa Critics.

Paton’s performance is a must see for fans of Canadian satire, reminiscent as it is of the golden era of This Hour has 22 Minutes." - On Stage Ottawa.

Photo credit MJ Gervais

The Reproductive Life Cycle of a Flower

July 2 - 11, 2015 | Written By Kara Crabb and Performed by Norah Paton

  Toronto Fringe Festival - Theatre Passe Muraille

                     "I quite liked Norah Paton’s neurotic persona. She’s a grounded presence, determined and restrained." - Mooney on Theatre - Toronto

Photo credit Molly McAlea



Mar. 19 - 21, 2015 | Written and performed by Norah Paton

subDevision 2015 - Enriched Bread Artists Studios

Photo credit Julie Laurin

Royal Jelly

Written By Kara Crabb | Performed by Kara Crabb, Noa Nussbaum and Norah Paton

 Ottawa Fringe Festival - Arts Court Theatre

"I thought this was an incredibly vivid depiction of a repulsive and manipulative society that is not completely unlike our own. Royal Jelly is a creative twist on a classic tale and regardless of whether or not you understand it completely this show will give you something to talk about. Definitely one of my top picks to see at this year’s festival, I look forward to seeing more of this kind of stuff from this company in the future!" - New Ottawa Critics, Ottawa

"It’s a strong piece of writing and the production is solidly acted. These characters are complex and their motivations are foreign, it’s a tough job to help us understand this in a short period of time... I was totally sold. It’s absolutely best of Fringe material."            - Apt 613, Ottawa

Photo credit Kara-Lis Coverdale

Forsaken Daughters of Winter

October 24-29 2013 |Written By Kara Crabb | Performed by Norah Paton

Fresh Meat 2 | Lunenberg Pub

Photo credit: Kara Crabb

Around Miss Julie

Summer 2013 | Directed by Norah Paton
 Written By Harry Standjofski

"It’s rare that, at the close of a play, I’m still anxious to follow its characters around, still curious about their lives and where they lead but after the uproarious, somewhat abrupt close of Around Miss Julie... I was left with the overwhelming desire to watch another episode - or several - in these characters’ lives. " - Broadway Baby. Edinburgh, Scotland

"There is a dark reality hidden in corners of this play, and an intelligence fronted by easygoing humour. Director Norah Paton really gets to the marrow, bringing out the best." - The View. Hamilton, ON

"Cleverly interlaced scenes leave audiences wondering where literature becomes reality and what happens when a the cast have a collective ‘intimate’ movement. Rip roaringly funny and performed with consummate professionalism, this show would be a brilliant addition to anyone’s Fringe schedule." - Three Weeks. Edinburgh, Scotland

"Around Miss Julie is to die for. The last five minutes alone have been the most entertaining five minutes I’ve had in a theatre in a long time." - Production Ottawa. Ottawa, ON